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Cable Railing

Heritage Iron & Décor offers interior and exterior Stainless Steel Cable Railing.   This is ideal for decks, porches and interior railing areas that may have a great view but could be hindered by traditional railing.   In some cases wrought Iron or aluminum can enhance, but also obstruct views, and glass panels may produce an unwanted glare, stainless steel cable railing would be an excellent option.


We create and install our cable rail systems to your specifications, whether you prefer contemporary, rustic or traditional.   We look forward to assisting with you in designing your cable rail system to provide, lasting beauty and security for many years with a see-thru advantage to your view.

All of our projects are created to meet the required codes in your area.  With Cable Railing there is a maximum distance between the post of 42” and the distance between the horizontal cables is 3”.

Contact us at 423-442-4059 to set an appointment for your complimentary design consultation.